Thomas Lenz

Driver number: 94

Thomas started with Breslin Grand Prix in 2017 as one of our race engineers and test drivers. Later in the 2017 season he subbed in for some of our regular drivers. His ruthless consistency and clean driving on track earned him a place in the Breslin Grand Prix family. He's also responsible for some of the many coding innovations in Breslin Grand Prix over the past number of months.


Michael Wilson2.png

Michael Wilson

Driver number: 7

Michael Wilson is a newcomer to the Breslin team but a welcome addition. A soon to be EU refugee, Michael wears the EU flag with pride while driving for Breslin Grand Prix and his working visa while driving for us should ensure he survives Brexit relatively unharmed. 



David Santos

Driver number: 23

David is another brand new addition to the Breslin Grand Prix team. His lap times during the 2018 testing period were very impressive for a first timer in FSR, he's hungry to learn and could really go somewhere in the FSR world. David hales from Portugal and completes the all European lineup for the Breslin Grand Prix FSR line up